• 15.900 Competitive Strategy (TA with Erin Scott. MIT MBA)

  • 15.714 Competitive Strategy (TA with Pierre Azoulay and Scott Stern. MIT Executive MBA)

  • 15.707 Global Strategy and Markets (TA with Hiram Samel. MIT Executive MBA)


  • 15.374 Organizing for Innovation (TA with Pierre Azoulay. MIT MBA)

  • 15.s04 Innovation-Driven Advantage (TA with Scott Stern and Erin Scott. MIT Sloan Fellows)


  • 15.390 New Enterprises (TA for Bill Aulet, Trish Cotter, and Will Sanchez. MIT MBA and undergraduates)

  • 15.s53 Introduction to Disciplined Entrepreneurship (TA for Bill Aulet. MIT Executive MBA)

  • 15.911 Entrepreneurial Strategy (TA with Erin Scott. MIT MBA)

  • 15.SFMBA_2 Entrepreneurial Strategy (TA with Scott Stern and Erin Scott. MIT Sloan Fellows)

  • 15.394 Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams (TA with Erin Scott and Kit Hickey. MIT MBA)

  • 15.S19/2.19/6.S080 Hacking the Future: The Fall of Covid (TA with Bill Aulet, Anette Hosoi, Michellana Jester, Simon Johnson, J. Chappell Lawson, and Ronald Rivest. MIT MBA and undergraduates)

Other teaching

  • PD529M.7 Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Faculty. Harvard Medical School)

  • PD600M.7 Core Clerkship in Pediatrics (Faculty. Harvard Medical School)

  • SLS-17 The Human Organism (TA with Joseph Brain. Harvard College)

  • MCB-80 The Neurobiology of Human Behavior (TA with Josh Sanes and Jeff Lichtman. Harvard College)